At Conselis Group, we go beyond business services; we share our passions with you. Our case manager has worked diligently for years in various fields, and these passions are at the heart of what we do.

Discover the power of expertise in the wood industry with iMos.Consulting. Our core business is specialized consulting, supported by the innovative iMos 3D Software. Optimize processes, increase efficiency and put your company on the path to sustainable success.

Conselis is at the center of the revolution in advanced machine integration and optimization. With expert consulting, innovative software solutions and targeted training, Conselis is leading companies into a new era of efficiency, precision and competitive advantage. Unlock the potential of your manufacturing processes with Conselis as your strategic partner for machine integration.

At, we believe in precision. Whether it's surveying or creating detailed drawings, we make sure every detail is right. Let us lay the foundation for your successful projects.

At Conselis, we now offer a unique service for personalized furniture finishes. From laser engraving to adding your logo - give your furniture that extra flair! Contact us today for more information.

Welcome to Conselis.Shop, where we not only host websites, but create digital spaces. Our hosting goes beyond technology; it's a home for your online presence, where performance and user experience go hand in hand.

Enter the world of innovation with Conselis.Cloud. From advanced cloud solutions to high-performance security services, we are building a digital future that is not only technologically advanced, but also secure and reliable.

At Conselis, we are a dynamic team of two driven professionals, determined to bring our vision to life. Despite our modest size, we have combined the power of passion, dedication and collaboration to deliver top quality results.

Matthew Messelis

At Conselis Group, we believe in sharing knowledge, delivering quality and exceeding expectations. Your goals are our passion, and your success is our mission.

Whether you are looking for reliable hosting, advanced cloud solutions, specialized consultancy for the wood industry, accurate surveying and drawing services, creative interior design projects, or unique objects online, Conselis Group is here for you.

Wondering how our passions can drive your business growth? Contact us and let's get started together.

Welcome to Conselis Group - where passion and professionalism come together for your success.